Employer FAQs -Quarterly Reporting

Important note: Information contained in these frequently-asked questions and answers is general in nature. In case of any conflict, the actual contract language between the employing municipality and PMRS along with PMRS law will prevail. Also, existing regulations, policies and procedures will apply in all cases.


What is a Quarterly Report of Contributions used for?

The Quarterly Reports are partially preprinted by PMRS and mailed to member municipalities so they can report withheld contributions and compensation for each employee. To view this form, select from the following links (PDF Formats)

- A printable Quarterly Report of Contributions (PMRB-21) form
- A sample that corresponds with instructions for completing the PMRB-21 form.

When should the withheld members' contributions be sent to PMRS?

PMRS suggests that these contributions be remitted either monthly or quarterly, at the convenience of the municipality. Please note that the amount of money remitted to PMRS in a quarter must agree with the Quarterly Report of Contributions totals.

When must the Quarterly Reports be returned to PMRS?

PMRS normally mails Quarterly Reports to member municipalities shortly before the end of each quarter and requests that they be returned within 30 days after the end of the quarter so accounts can be updated in a timely manner.