PMRS Contractors

Contractual Arrangements

The Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System (PMRS) was designated under Chapter 7A of Act 44 of 2009 as a “Municipal Pension System.”  The chapter is dedicated to contracting “standards” for municipal pension plans and sets forth a number of requirements associated with contracting for professional services.  One of those requirements is for the municipal pension plan to develop procedures to select the most qualified person or firm with whom to enter into a “professional services contract”.  The Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Board (Board) has addressed this requirement by adopting a Contract & Purchasing Procedures Policy 10-4 and the PMRB-30 disclosure form.  Act 44 and various other applicable laws also require certain documents be made public except for proprietary information or other information protected by law.  This web page exists to provide a central location to obtain information about PMRS’ contractual arrangements.

Open Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

The Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System has no pending RFQs open at this time.

Open Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

The Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System has no Pending RFPs open at this time.

Pending Contracts

The Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System has no Pending Contracts open at this time.

Existing Contracts

The Pennsylvania Treasury Department is required to maintain copies of certain Commonwealth contracts and service purchases , including those entered into by PMRS.  We encourage interested parties to follow the link to view the required documents entered into on behalf of the PMRS.